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About Us

Mission Statement
To provide "Budget Counseling", and "Credit Counseling", and to assist individuals with low-to-moderate income, who are interested in purchasing, and maintaining affordable housing; as well as, those individuals seeking counseling prior to filing Bankruptcy, and possibly avoiding bankruptcy and foreclosure.

To treat our clients in a professional manner by respecting their concerns for "Budgeting Skills", "Consumer Credit Issues", and their need for confidentiality, while being open-minded, non-judgmental, and honest in our dealings with them.

To provide for the productive success of our clients in making informed choices, and planning financial activities with the strategies provided through counseling and guidance.

Finally, the ultimate success of our clients determines the measure of our success. We don't serve clients. We serve families.

1. To empower consumers, with low-to-moderate income by educating them in the areas of Budget Counseling, and Credit Counseling, so that they will be able to realize a better lifestyle, and improved quality of life.

2. To provide an opportunity for the consumer to be able to purchase, and maintain housing at a lower Interest Rate, due to an improved Credit Score.

3. To enhance the viability of communities, by increasing and maintaining their Tax Base, and consequently encouraging business growth, more jobs, and improved Public Services.

4. To provide educational seminars and classes.

5. To provide "Follow-Up Counseling Sessions" with our clients. The Initial Counseling Session with the client would be done in terms of an "Individual" or "One-on-One Counseling Session". The client will also have the option of participating in a "Group" or "Classroom" setting. In any case, the client will be expected to have subsequent counseling sessions with our Counselors at intervals of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months after the Initial Counseling Session. Throughout this process, the client will be strongly encouraged to contact us immediately with any questions, concerns, or comments.

The Get Checking Program
GET CHECKING is designed for people who currently do not have an account with a financial institution. It is also designed for those who:

Have never had an account, and don't know how to open one.

Have had problems with an account in the past and are finding it difficult to open a new account.

Having an account is:

  • Safer
  • More convenient
  • Less expensive
  • A way to access other financial services, like loans and credit.
GET CHECKING offers you the opportunity to open an account that works for you. You will be able to open an account with a participating financial institution even if you have had problems in the past.

What you will Learn

  • How to choose an account that is right for you including:
    - Low cost checking options
    - Avoiding costly fees.
  • What you need to know to keep your checking account in balance.
  • How your account relationship can help you establish credit and access to other services

Will I Be Able to Open an Account After the Class?
Once you have completed the "GET CHECKING" class, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. To open your account, take your Certificate, along with the proper identification, to one of the participating financial institutions listed on your Certificate to open your new account.

How Do I Register?
1. Select a class that is convenient for you. Contact the "Institute for Consumer Credit Education" to obtain current class scheduling information.

2. Complete the Pre-Registration form, and submit it, and a non-refundable Money Order or Cashier's Check in the amount of $40.00/person, or $60.00/couple, payable to the "Institute for Consumer Credit Education".

3. Mail or drop off the payment to:

Institute for Consumer Credit Education
Attn: “Get Checking Program”
16335 S. Harlem Ave., Suite 400
Tinley Park, IL 60477

To find out more about the dates and times of our scheduled classes, contact the "Institute for Consumer Credit Education" at 708-633-6355 during the hours of 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.

Note: If you have outstanding fees from a prior account, you may have to settle that account before opening a new one. Institutions are not required to open an account if there has been evidence of fraud on a prior account.

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